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Our Service Models

We provide amazing and creative scale models, 3d model, physical model, maquette, 3d printing, architectural models and 3d prototype. Our creations at its best in the following fields







3D Printing


Architectural Models

With our architectural background and vast knowledge of all architectural model styles, we can offer you unrivalled experience in this field. We can talk your language, grasp your ideas, and generally get to grips with understanding and reproducing even the most complicated buildings.

Our in-house laser cutting facilities allow us to achieve pinpoint accuracy and superb detailing. From the outset, we can help you design and plan your architectural model, identifying the most appropriate scale, style and level of detail for your particular project. The aim is to ensure that your architectural model conveys all the relevant information in the most cost-effective way.

Highly Skilled Architectural Model Makers

We have a large team of model makers who all have many years of experience in making architectural models. We’ve produced housing models, office models, school models, hospital models, landscape models, interior models – in fact, virtually any type of model you can think of, and all to the very highest standard because we take pride in every job that leaves the workshop.

Competitive Pricing

We understand that budgets are tight and that you need to get the best possible value from your spend. We’ll give you a realistic, extremely competitive price for your architectural model while ensuring that your project will be completed to the very highest quality; we believe that few companies can compete with us when comparing like-for-like in terms of quality and levels of service.

Industrial Models

An Industrial Models are known as making of building structures of the Factory scale Models. The production of Industrial models or Industrial Machineries models or Industrial Equipment Models representing the precise detailing of the real building and the same duplication of the existing or proposed structures.

These Industrial models are used to present in the expo are in the client meeting or to keep in the reception areas of the big scaled factories. In GCC and in Oman we are helping the clients to show their structures in the form of Industrial scale models and for many other presentation tools.

Highly Skilled Industrial Model Makers

Industrial Model Making is a high order precision engineering work for companies making complex industrial machinery like Gas turbines, Steam boilers, Cement kilns, Power transmission equipment, etc. Model Makers study the original machinery designs and scales down the design parameters to make exact miniature models of the original machinery. These models not only keep the intricacies of the existing original machinery but based on requirements of customers even keep some of the functional features of the original equipments.

Industrial Models Material

As Industrial Model Maker we are using various materials like Industrial grade Acrylic, PVC, Poly carbonate, etc. suitable to replicate the original design. This job requires high order engineering and technical skills. Hence, Model Makers employ engineering design professionals and architects in order to bring the criticality of the original machinery. Scale Model Making offers services to several big and prominent machinery manufacturers, process industry companies and builders in providing the prototype models of the original machinery.

Mechanical Models

A Mechanical models or Working Models or Prototypes are the one which represent the exact shape of the machineries and its function in the scale reduced from the original size to be help in the various sectors like Students, Engineers in their Research and Development. We are supplying the prototypes for many kind of industries in Muscat, Oman and also for GCC countries. The highlight of the Prototype maquettes mock-up is to give the clear idea of the many complicated machineries like Engines, Hydraulic, Gears and in Energy Generation Systems. Models Art, in Oman is one of the specialized in making these kind of MINIATURES

Highly Skilled Mechanical Model Makers

We have superior level of experience in manufacturing and supplying highly perform able mechanical models of both micro and macro level. Pursuing standard and appropriate model making techniques with advanced designing strategies made us to reach the heights in our business. We have specialized knowledge about multipurpose model development to take up any type of model. We are engaged in building various models for architectural purpose, defense modeling, exhibition of models, industrial modeling, power plant modeling also many others. Our company has expertise of scale down model designing which includes prototype models, cut section and landscaping models.

Interactive Models

An Interactive models deals with the process of ideas and design conversion into digital ways to understand the project in the form of waves and extraction of the elevation of the project by lighting and Sounds. It is called Innovative new technology of Model making presentation by digital effects by using the touch pads, Touch Screens and by Virtual Recognition control System by making through the Electronic Designed chip which can be used by Bluetooth and by Smart Phones. These Interactive models are nowadays, leading a good supportive marketing tool for all GCC and Oman Clients.

Layout Models

Layout Models are known as to develop the whole huge site or area in different shape from the Autocad drawing given by Architects, Real Estate Promoters and Engineers to prepare the exact physical representation of the Site Layout in the scaled down models with the actual many numbers of buildings, Contours, vegetation of the area and all amenities in the said site will be made out of Scale Miniature Models.

Landscape Models

Landscape Models are play a big conceptual representation of the ecological conditions of the given site and also to improve the vegetation of the site by making different kinds of Trees, Bushes, Sheds, Park and Zoo Landscapes and other amenities on the vacant land in the site to be decorative by means to give the realistic life when creating the new Township or the new proposed city. These moke-up scale Maquettes will be helpful for Landscape Architects to realize the colorful life of the habitats who is living on the site selected. These kind of Landscape Scale Miniatures is used by many Architects in and around Oman, GCC Countries and especially in European Countries.

Prototype Models

Prototype models are the preliminary stage model which will give the idea of the concept when developing any kind of Machineries, Engines, Propellers etc., and also helpful for students and researchers to feel the object from the line drawing made from their valuable ideas.

We at Models Art, Muscat, Sultanate of Oman, always supporting to make these kind of research prototypes and replicas for all kinds of peoples to spark their ideas in the form of Miniature Maquttes and Physical Dummy Models.

3D printing

3D printing is also known as Multiple Manufacturing. These machines will make the Three-Dimensional object making from different layers by the means of Computer Software and tools. These objects can be in any shape and complicated design. These models are also known as 3D Models, Prototypes and Mass production objects.

This is the fastest and easier way to understand the ideas of the concept to make the improvements of the design. These 3D printing machines will only read STL, AMF, 3DCAD, and other 3D related software to create the object from the various materials from powder to liquid.

We are supplying this 3D printing objects to many leading companies and Research Institutes in and around Oman and GCC Countries. Also, it is used to make the mass production Industries by means of making the reliable DIE moulding in few hours